Single Review: “Got Me Runnin’ Round” by Nickelback featuring Flo Rida

Probably everyone has heard “Edge of a Revolution” from Nickelback’s new album by now and it really felt like this upcoming album is going to be all about political protest but to surprise of many, the album has some Top 40 radio material as well. This may surprise some while disappoint others but still they have to think about the commercial side of things. There are chances that the Republic Records didn’t agree with an all-rock album and asked the band to include some commercial radio music as well. If you listen to their latest single “Got Me Runnin’ Round”, you will know what I mean by ‘commercial’ radio hits.

The latest track “Got Me Runnin’ Round” is going to be the next single from Nickelback’s upcoming album “No Fixed Address”. The track has the traditional upbeat pop appeal with Flo Rida featuring and bringing a ‘very’ summer feeling to the track through his catchy rap verse during the bridge. The single is about a girl who has caused a decent man to lose his mind in obsession to get her.

Including some commercial music seems a justified move from Nickelback’s lable considering band’s last album was a failure. It would have been too big a risk to go for a full rock and roll album. Listen to the track below and let us know in comments if you like this commercial track from a rock and roll band.

Watch “Got Me Runnin’ Round” by Nickelback ft. Flo Rida

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz