Single Review: Single Review: ‘This Is How We Do’ by Katy Perry

“This Is How We Do” is fifth song from Katy Perry’s fourth studio album Prism. The track has received mixed reviews from music critics, some favoring it for the traditional old school vibe while others disliking it for its poor lyrics and similarity to Katy’s previous songs, “Last Friday Night” and “California Gurls”. Nevertheless, this modern hip-hop ballad has successfully found its place on top charts among party-hearty tracks. The song has also made its place on Billboard Top 100 after its video released last month.

Katy Perry has always given her audience something to watch with her pop art videos. The video for this song is no different as Perry uses many props and animations in the video, shot in a Los Angeles studio during a three day shot. Katy Perry’s pizza swimsuit that she wore along with Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian made the video an instant hit as people were rather curious to see it for unique wardrobe.

The video is shot by popular filmmaker from New Zealand named Joel Kafali who does a great job to come up with a video that sits perfectly with the audio. With vintage fashion and ice cream cones, it is quite obvious that Katy Perry will probably never do a straight down the line pop video. Watch the video below.

Watch “This Is How We Do” by Katy Perry (Official Video)

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz