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Shakira’s Single “Me Enamore” To Be Released TODAY!

We’re waiting for Shakira’s new single “Me Enamore” to come out. It was due today. How? There is an interesting story behind that.

Shakira sent postcards of her new single all over the internet and the radio. Everyone important to Shakira received a postcard that not only contained the artwork but also some text that read:

“It’s about a moment in my life when I was so in love that I literally felt I was climbing trees”.

This text isn’t just anything general but it’s an explanation of the title of this song. The artwork also supports this story behind the song title as Shakira is seen hanging from a tree branch on the cover. Isn’t that some awesome way to name songs? I love it.

For all English fans, there is some sad news as well. This is a Spanish song. But isn’t that better than not having anything new from Shakira? She’ll soon work on new English material as well. It’s evident that she’s making new songs now. For today, we want to listen to “Me Enamore” as soon as it’s out.

Post Author: David Watt