Selena Gomez teases her fans with a short snippet of “Hands To Myself”

Selena Gomez has posted a teaser video for her a new song “Hands To Myself”, letting her fans preview the forthcoming music video. The first teaser of this video was posted last week, which was a collaboration with Beats by Dre.

The teaser is only 15 seconds long but it gives clear indication that this music video is going to be sexiest and hottest music video that we have ever seen from the pop diva. It shows Selena walking around a penthouse in her underwear. She meets a man there who takes her bed and plays with her curves, caressing her body. The clip ended as Selena walked to the mirror and started seducing her. Selena has definitely left fans thinking what’s coming next. We can’t wait to see the full video and we are sure Selena’s fans are also going nuts after watching her in skimpy underwear.

The track “Hands To Myself” is being advertised by Victoria’s Secret Angels who recently lip-synced to it. It is definitely going to be loved by the radio and the music video will make a huge noise over the internet as soon as it comes out. Keep coming back here to get the first look at the video as soon as Selena releases it. Watch the teaser below.

Watch Selena Gomez teasing in “Hands To Myself” preview (Click the link below to watch video on Twitter)

Post Author: David Watt