Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles Tributes Motherhood with “Shiny”

12th of May is celebrated for Mothers and their Motherhood. Sara Bareillles is doing the same thing with her new ballad. “Shiny” is meant to make our moms feel like they matter the most to all of us. Every man or women, at a certain stage of their life, come to realize the fact that whatever they have achieved today is somehow a result of their mother’s upbringing and sacrifices.

“There is a glimmer in her brown eyes, the one she gave to me. So in know we can both be shiny”. So if we know their importance, we need to show that to them too.

The music is simple, raw and soothing giving a warm and welcoming feeling, just like the lyrics do too. Ours Moms matter and that is what we need them to see, so she sings “All that glitters isn’t gold, but gold is all I see, so I know we can both be shiny”.

The 39-year-old singer shared news about this song over social media and encouraged fans to share photos with their moms using the hashtag #ShinyFriday. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what she needs them for. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Shiny” by Sara Bareilles

Post Author: David Watt