Prince changes rules for SNL with 8-minute single performance

Prince performed on Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night but this was no ordinary performance. We all know what Prince is capable of, especially with the kind of music he did in the late eighties. Ever since he has been pushing the limits and coming up with awesome music for everyone to listen and enjoy. Prince has even done some crazy things outside the music. At one point in his career he named himself with a symbol that can’t be pronounced. But it’s always been his music that has kept him a topic for everyone who enjoys good music.

Last night he performed for eight straight minutes on SNL. This happened for the first time on SNL. The rule says that the artists will perform two singles, one at beginning of the program while the other one at the end. Nevertheless, Prince found an exception either by paying too much money or probably SNL producers are die hard fans who wouldn’t care about program format for Prince. Whatever the reason for outside-the-book performance, Prince was just amazing with everything he did on stage, from his electric moves to his charming music. He performed four singles during the eight minute performance.

Watch Prince performing on SNL for eight consecutive minutes

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz