pia mia on & on

Pia Mia is all set to release her new single “On & On”

Pia Mia who’s been struggling with her debut album is back again. After the release of her couple singles “Do It Again” and “Touch” that she released back in 2015, she’ll be releasing her new single featuring Canadian rapper Syph on November 18th, 2016.

She has worked with many artists lately including some music juggernauts like Justin Bieber and Ty Dolla Sign in an effort to bring singles out in the market. Unfortunately, she wasn’t impressed by those jamming sessions and couldn’t release anything with the collaborations.

So, she might have worked with completely different producers who could help her launch something extraordinary into the market and this time, she’ll be releasing a track “On & On” featuring Syph; the Canadian rapper.

Pia Mia has been busy lately working for the fashion magazines and wasn’t creating music. It’s definitely a good surprise for her fans to be releasing a new single and going one step closer to launch her album.

Syph has also confirmed his collaboration with Pia Mia for her forthcoming track “On & On” on Twitter the other day. Hopefully, it will be a banger and help the 20-year-old artist to emerge as a star music artist.

We wish her best of luck and hope to see more of Pia Mia. She’s a beauty!

Post Author: David Watt