new order people on the high line

New Music Video: “People On The High Line” by New Order

New Order is out again with another music video “People On The High Line” showing a guy and a girl do B-boying breakdance movies. The Band hasn’t released any new album since their tenth studio album “Music Complete” that was premiered last year.

The music video is a co-direction of Grace Lambert and Jackson Ducasse; showing a bit of a drama between the guy and the girl. It appeared to me that both haven’t talked to each other in days and they are out dancing to control their stress or tension.

You will see some good dance movies especially b-boying by the both artists in the video.

They will get illusions of each other standing next to them on the floor while performing the dance moves but suddenly realize that it’s not real. It shows that they are desperate to be together but somehow it isn’t happening.

The video has its sad moments when the girl watches the boy going off from the community center through a window. Completely shows the existence of some chemistry between them!

By watching the video, you’ll be quite confused about the actual message in the video as it is so perplexing.

What is exactly the video about? That’s still to figure out!

Watch: New Order “People On The High Line”

Post Author: David Watt