Odd Future – ‘Rella’ single review

Odd Future – ‘Rella’

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Here we go then, the first taste of what we can expect from the hotly anticipated new Odd Future album, OF Tape Vol. 2 has arrived in the form of ‘Rella’, and the questions on everyone’s lips are: Is it as dark and twisted as we hoped it would be? (Yep) Does it suggest Odd Future are losing their edge now they’ve major-labelled up? (Nope) Is it awesome? (Judge for yourself above!)

‘Rella’ has everything that has made Odd Future the hottest hip-hop band/collective/whatever around – with the dark, brooding and hypnotic beat dominating the quick fire rapping of Tyler, The Creator, Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats. It’s a three-and-a-half minute tour de force of exactly why Odd Future have grown into one of the most exciting bands around, and if you think their imminent debut major label album will see them toning down the controversy, take another look at the video above!

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