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Song Review: “So I Don’t Let Me Down” By Clinton Kane

Australian singer Clinton Kane has released a new song titled “So I Don’t Let Me Down.” Kane’s career has been a fantasy so far. He posted covers on YouTube and people liked those covers. His fandom grew and some serious producers started looking at his work. Eventually, Columbia Records gave him a chance to record an album. His debut EP was titled This Is What It Feels Like and it did really good. Following on that success, Clinton Kane has now released another new song.

The song “So I Don’t Let Me Down” is a track about moving ahead with the change and not resisting but instead embracing the new circumstances. “Looking for a better way to deal with all the little changes,” sings the 20-year-old singer on the chorus of this impressive song. It’s these things that make him frustrated but he knows that he has to handle these changes “So I don’t let me down.” It’s a beautiful track with a lot of inspirational material inside. Just pay close attention to the lyrics and it will sound so relatable.

Clinton Kane told his fans that he wrote the song when he was feeling stuck and felt that the change isn’t doing him any good. Instead, he was feeling scary and chaotic. He wasn’t ready to accept the change. The song is about having to accept the fact that life moves on and things don’t remain the same forever. Change is the other word for life and if you get scared of it, there is no way you could enjoy your time here on the planet earth. Listen to the song below and it could be your anthem for 2020.

Listen To “So I Don’t Let Me Down” By Clinton Kane

Post Author: David Watt