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Song Review: “Loneliest Time Of The Year” By Mabel

Mabel has released a new song and it’s a Christmas song but not what you expected. If you are someone who doesn’t feel comfortable during the festive season because you think of so many other people with so much suffering, then this song is for you. The song is titled “Loneliest Time Of The Year” and you can say it’s a wonderfully miserable holiday song.

Mabel has been throwing hits after hits in the UK for a few years now. However, the 23-year-old singer got her international break when her track “Don’t Call Me Up” went big. Apart from her big success this year, the singer also went on tour after releasing her debut LP. Now it seems the perfect time for her to give us yet another hit considering it’s the festive season and holidays. Who would want to miss out on this opportunity to get their music heard? But unlike others, the girl sees the world a bit differently and so she made a song for the holidays that’s not your ordinary celebration song but rather it thinks about those who are deprived and depressed at this time of the year.

“Loneliest Time Of The Year” opens with Mabel saying she doesn’t feel happy about anything at this time of the year and that “I feel like this yearly.” The singer then goes on to describe how Christmas doesn’t bring her any happiness “Christmas time isn’t my vibe, brings no joy into my life.” As the song progresses towards the chorus, the singer wants everyone to feel what she feels. “But I know if I’m feeling lonely, I can’t be the only one drowning in my tears,” so claims on the chorus. It’s a beautiful song that’s refreshingly real and deserves your attention. Listen to “Loneliest Time Of The Year” below.

Listen To New Christmas Song: “Loneliest Time Of The Year” By Mabel

Post Author: David Watt