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Song Review: “I Forgot” by Clara Mae

Clara Mae has stunned us all with her amazing new anthem “I Forgot”. It’s an amazing new standalone song from the Swedish singer who has already made her mark with collaborations with David Guetta and Tiesto. From those collaborations, it was obvious that this girl has some talent but no one thought she’d amaze all of us only a year later with her ‘own’ anthem. This a major break for Clara and I’m sure she is going to make it count.

She has already been doing a lot of stuff that didn’t go unnoticed before releasing this song. We have heard her during the days of incarnation of Ace of Base. Similarly, we heard her on “Taped Up Heart” by Kream and we loved her. In 2017, we heard “I’m Not Sure” and we loved her vocals. Now in 2018, she is back and this time she has served her best song to date. I have no doubt that “I Forgot” is her best song and she is going to become a household name if she promotes this new song properly.

This new song “I Forgot” is released as a standalone track. While talking about this song, Clara told her fans that the inspiration for this song came from her personal life. She has plenty of things going in her life that inspire her to express herself. Singing is her favorite medium of expression and this time she has brought us a theme that’s very personal to her. I like the fact that her best song to date is based on her personal experiences. The bittersweet anthem is about rethinking a relationship. However, things don’t go well and the couple end up fighting over the reasons they broke up the first time. Clara sings “Realized why I left you in a hurry.” She then tells her boy “For a second I thought you loved me. For a second I forgot.”

The track has a very appealing production and Clara’s vocals are nearly perfect. She has also released a video to support this track. Additionally, she has announced that she will be giving us another music video for this track. This music video will consist entirely of backstage footage.Now that’s what I wanted her to do with this song – take things a step further. I wish her all the best luck with this new song. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “I Forgot” by Clara Mae

Post Author: David Watt