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Song Review: “Broken” By Kim Petras

Kim Petras, the German singer & songwriter currently based in NYC, began a new era last week with the release of a new song titled “Broken.” The song is about heartbreak and the theme is pretty simple. However, the composition is overlaid with hip-hop and R&B elements mixed with a pop sound. It’s a beautiful track that just grows on you as you listen to it.

The song “Broken” is about heartbreak as the title of the track suggests. A boy broke Petras’ heart and now she can’t live with the feeling. She is not happy with just letting it go. She wants the karma to hit the boy so that he can also feel how she is feeling right now.

With this song, Kim inst only beginning a new era but she is also starting her tour. She announced tour dates on social media and though it’s going to be a short tour, it will be fun. The tour will only cover America and tickets are going to be short soon. So if you want to be there, be sure to grab your tickets right away. Meanwhile, listen to her new song “Broken” below.

Listen To New Song “Broken” By Kim Petras

Post Author: Harvey Dyer