Song Preview: “High For Hours” by J. Cole

American singer J. Cole has released a new song titled “High For Hours”. This new song is a surprise as there was no news about the song. It won’t even be included in his album.  So, don’t look for a special album version as this song won’t be featuring in any of them for now.

J. Cole premiered this song on SoundCloud. The track is 4-minute long.

J. Cole is still to tell his fans why he did this song. Whether it will serve as a buzz single for something new or the American rapper some other plan, it is still to be known. For now, you can listen to this song, enjoy good music, and forget about the future of this song. That’s how J. Cole wants to listen to it.

Some gossips indicate that J. Cole did this song to pay tribute to Obama for the way he took issues with black people oppression in America. Now since Donald Trump inauguration is about to happen, J. Cole probably wanted the song to come out while Obama is still in the office. J. Cole even talks about his meeting with Obama when he discussed black people and their situation in America.

Although this is clearly a tribute, a one-time song, you can never say anything for sure about J. Cole. We might be seeing some new project from J. Cole where he would include this song. This is something the rapper has been doing throughout his career. Time to listen to this song now.

Listen to “High for Hours” by J. Cole

Post Author: David Watt