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New Song featuring Noah Cyrus “My Way” by One Bit – Listen to Full Audio

Noah Cyrus is on top of her world right now. She has given us three unbelievable singles already and she’s only 17. Now she has teamed up with UK¬†duo One Bit for “My Way”. Is it as good as her recent collaborations such as “Chasing Colors”, “All Falls Down” and “Slow”? You gotta read the quick review below to find out.

“My Way” is a certified hit. You know this the moment you hear the opening chorus. It’s insanely catchy. The club-banger is definitely going to be one of the best songs by Noah in 2017.

The song opens with Noah singing the chorus:

“Why can’t we do this my way, it’s gotta be what you say

But you keep proving you never

Why can’t we do this my way”.

If you are wondering who’s this duo One Bit, you will probably hear more from them. At least I can assume that after listening to “My Way”. The band consists of Joe Murphy and Jonty Howard who rose to fame when they produced some notable remixes.

You can listen to “My Way” below. I think it’s an incredibly important song for Noah and for the UK duo One Bit. Do you agree?

Listen to “My Way” by One Bit Featuring Noah Cyrus

Post Author: David Watt