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Single Review: The “Optimist” by Evie Irie

Evie Irie is a new singer from Australia that became known among music fans when she released her debut EP in 2019. Her album not only gave her recognition but also helped her secure a big label deal with Republic Records.

“The Optimist” is one of the best songs on her album. It’s an anthemic track where the 16-year-old Australian sings “Lately it’s been a little bit wild, I wake up wearing this disgusting smile.” She then talks about how she feels when she wakes up and hears a noise outside her window. She sings “It’s like I hear a parade outside my window, every day down my street when it used to be a shit show.”

The track “The Optimist” is a positive song that takes away the negativity. She is insisting on finding the optimist in her. It’s not easy but she wants to change her perspective. She also gave us a lyric video for the song. Check it below.

Watch “The Optimist” By Evie Irie

Post Author: Harvey Dyer