Single: “The Day Without a Yesterday” by Michele Schirru

Michele Schirru has released his new single “The Day Without a Yesterday” on 21 March 2015. The single is available on iTunes and all other major platforms including Spotify and Google to download. Schirru is also preparing to release his album this year which will be based on a masterpiece by George Orwell.


Michele Schirru isn’t new to music. Previously he experimented with many music related things and did well with it but none became very famous. The London-based singer, songwriter, composer, musician and producer started writing and playing music again recently. This time he has the enthusiasm and ideas to inspire audience and become famous. All he has to do is to continue coming up with single like “The Day Without a Yesterday”.

“The Day Without a Yesterday” is heavily inspired by the theory of the Big Bang by a mathematician Georges Lemaitre. According to his theory, universe started in a result of a Big Bang of fireworks. The result was an ever-expanding universe. This was also beginning of time as there wasn’t any concept of time before that. On that very day of the Big Bang, there was no yesterday – ‘the day without a yesterday’. This is what this new single is all about.


Michele Schirru’s first serious effort to enter the music industry was back in 2009 when he along with Francesco Mascia founded Evolage Muzik project. This was a an experimental project where they tried mixing pop and electro-pop using the possibilities of computers and synthetisers. They released a couple of singles in the next two years and performed on different stages during that time.

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