Single Review: “Today and Tomorrow” By Grace Vanderwaal

Grace Vanderwal who hit the sudden stardom from America’s Got Talent is now all set to star in the cinematic adaptation of Stargirl, premiering on Disney+ on 13th March 2020, Friday. Her song featuring in the same movie called “Today & Tomorrow” will be available from today (6th March), giving more insight into the film. As her previous musical pieces, this one is once again a melodious track from the young singer having a unique and different voice. Once again, the song blends with a perfect ukulele tune as she sings “It seems so clear but I don’t know what to do, ooh-ooh, ooh”.

Her low-pitched voice goes along perfectly with the instruments and this one is surely going to hit the charts at some point in the next couple of days. “Today & Tomorrow” is another lead to her previously released melodious singles and unique tracks. Numbers like “Waste My Time” and “You’re So Beautiful” were rolled out last year on her November EP LETTERS: VOL. 1. I really hope she rolls out a second volume sometime soon and we can update our playlists with more of her musical gems in the coming year and so on. But for now, grab a brownie maybe, relax and listen to “Today and Tomorrow”.

Listen To “Today and Tomorrow” By Grace Vanderwaal

Post Author: David Watt