Single Review: “Think of Me” by The Veronicas

The Australian twin sisters have released their new single ‘Think of Me’ which might be a massive hit. The Brisbane girls find this an opportunity to erase the memory of their exes and they do it in style. The video captures some beautiful panoramic views and pretty amazing looks.

The song itself is a heartfelt story of every breakup. As it says “”It’s been 5 months, 9 hours, 42 seconds since I left home _ it’s been 5 months, 9 hours, 42 seconds since I felt whole”. Every person of any gender can feel the depth of these words and can translate their own agony and loneliness in this chorus.

The song is a beautiful reality of every brutal breakup and it’s after long term effects. The song perfectly elaborates the emotional sucker punch which is the end of a relationship. The song has a good vibe to it with creative visuals and can be a serious win. Give it a listen below.

Listen To “Think Of Me” by The Veronicas

Post Author: David Watt