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New Single Review: “Shinning” by DJ Khalid featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z

“Shinning” is the new song by DJ Khalid. It features queen Beyonce and Jay-Z.

The timing of this song is impeccable. If you saw Grammys this week, you know what we are talking about here. There was a Beyonce and Adele moment during the awards. Beyonce also delivered a great performance the other night at 2017 Grammys. Now with all these buzz around Beyonce, it seemed like a perfect time to release a song featuring her. DJ Khalid has done exactly that. And I’m sure, he will benefit a great deal from finding the right timing for this song.

This new single “Shinning” will become part of DJ Khalid’s upcoming album titled “Grateful”. This album will hit stores in last quarter of 2017. You can listen to the full version of this song below.

Listen to “Shinning” by DJ Khalid featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z

Post Author: David Watt