Single Review: “Put Me Back Together” by Cheat Codes Ft. Kiiara

Cheat Codes have released their new single titled “Put Me Back Together” and it features pop’s brightest new-comer Kiiara. This girl has an absolutely gorgeous voice and she’s getting a lot of recognition for it. She has been part of some extremely powerful productions. Her latest offering is “Put Me Back Together”. It came out today and from what it sounds from the first few listens, it’s pure ‘gold’.

The production for “Put Me Back Together” is gentle and progressive. Over this flourishing production, Kiiara sings about a lover. He is someone who is totally different from anyone that she’s ever met. The way he looks at the stars – no one else does. No one can love her the way this guy this. When she’s stumbling around the room and he holds her in her hands is her best memory. No one else can replace it.

Her emotions spill over and eventually become vibrant. It’s an artistic treat but it also sounds good. It’s romantic and real. It’s a hit if you ask me with its endearing production and Kiiara’s ethereal vocals. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Put Me Back Together” by Cheat Codes featuring Kiiara

Post Author: David Watt