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Single Review: “No Shame” By 5 Seconds Of Summer

The Aussie rocker 5 Seconds Of Summer has announced their fourth LP to drop on 27th March this year. Along with this announcement, they released a new track from this upcoming album to give us a taste of what to expect from the band’s next project. The song is titled “No Shame.” The album also contains last year’s hits “Easier” and “Teeth.”

The new song “No Shame” is produced by Happy Perez and Watt. The song turns out to be an instantly catchy rock track. While talking to their fans after giving them the news of the new album, the band’s frontman said that it was a feat for a band to reach the fourth album. And on top of that, it’s no easy feat to keep inventing and coming up with new material that’s unlike your previous hits. It’s amazing that 5SOS is still making tracks that sound new and make us happy.

The song “No Shame” is a young man’s journey, as is the entire new album CALM. On the chorus, the band sings “I only light up when cameras are flashin’, never enough and no satisfaction.” The frontman powers it up on the chorus singing “Got No Shame.”

You can already check the entire tracklist for the album. Fingers crossed – hoping it to be one of the best albums from the band so far. Listen to their latest song “No Shame” below and you will know the potential this new album is already showing.

Listen To “No Shame” By 5 Seconds Of Summer

Post Author: Harvey Dyer