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New Single Review: “Next To Me” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons has released a new single. Titled “Next To Me”, is produced by Alex Da Kid. This new single is now included in band’s 2017 album now. So if you get the 2017¬†album from your favorite streaming service, expect to find this new song in it. It’s not a new way to put a song on the album that has already been released but Shawn Mendes also did the same with his “Illuminate” album.

Many fans expected Imagine Dragons to re-release “Revival” with new material. However, the band decided against it and just added the song to their previous album. Since the song has a totally different sound from other tracks on the album, it would have been a good move to re-release the album with some other new material as well. Or maybe, they could’ve released this new single as a standalone song. Now that’s not what fans wanted. But nevertheless, we have new music from Imagine Dragons and it’s fabulous. It’s a kind of a song that you expect to reach the number 1 spot. I’m sure it will get there pretty soon.

“Next To Me” has an amazing chorus that could easily help this song push through the charts. The vocals are powerful and the lyrics are meaningful. You will also appreciate the way Imagine Dragons has added acoustic guitar to the verses. It’s simply gold and a lot of fans would appreciate Imagine Dragons releasing this epic song, even if it’s inclusion in their recent album isn’t favored by them. It’s my new favorite jam and I’m sure you all will fall in love with it. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Next To Me” by Imagine Dragons

Post Author: David Watt