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New Single Review: “Look Back” by Berry Who

Betty Who has dropped a new single and it’s titled “Look Back”. This new single came out a few days ago. Ever since it made it to the streaming platforms, music bloggers have been calling it a bonafide bop. Is that true? You will only know when you listen to the song after the review in this post.

“Look Back” will become a part of Betty Who’s third studio album. This will mark the beginning of her independent album as she has moved away from RCA Records. It indicates that this album is going to be a very important one for Betty Who. If she manages to deliver some hits in this album, she will be good on her independent track. Otherwise, she may regret leaving a big label. It will be her second single from this upcoming album. If she could land a few more like this, she may have a hit album and become a household name. Only time will tell if Betty will meet this kind of success or not.

Now that her episode with the label is over, it feels like the perfect time for her to give us this new song. We all know that Betty Who is super talented as she proved in her two previous albums. However, we really want to do her well as an independent artist as well. I hope she will keep going and give us many more bops from her third album.

“Look Back” has ‘hit’ written all over. It boosts an amazing production with an infectious beat. I’m sure you are going to fall in love with song. It’s going to be played a lot on the dance floor. I’m sure once you stream this song, I’m sure you are going to put it on repeat for hours. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Look Back” by Betty Who

Post Author: David Watt