Single Review: “Jump” by Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels has premiered a new single titled “Jump” and I’ve an instinctive feel that it’s going to be a huge hit. It’s so good that I’m totally confident that this track will be Julia’s major hit after “Issues”.

The track “Jump” features Trippie Red. Ever since the track came out, it has received amazing reviews from everywhere. The track will be included in Julia’s upcoming studio album, which is going to be her debut full-length album. It’s a much-anticipated album and I so happy that Julia is on a the perfect track to a historic launch. All she has to do is to give her fans a few more monsters hits like “Issues” and everything else will happen just naturally for her.

I hope Julia’s label gives her a green light for her full-length album this year. As of now, her label, Republic Records, has only committed to an EP. I don’t know what’s keeping her label from recognizing her amazing talent and help her release a full-length album.

Talking about her latest track “Jump”, it’s a laid-back track with very cool and magical beats. The track is about being open to letting the love inspire your life even when you had  terrible fortune earlier. Julia is talking about restarting her life after going through a rotten relationship. It’s difficult but that’s what she must do. That’s the right path – the path that she must ‘jump’ on to stay happy in her life. Listen to this new song below.

Listen to “Jump” by Julia Michaels

Post Author: David Watt