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Single Review: “Ins And Outs” by Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson has blessed us with a new single titled “Ins And Outs” and it sounds like a hit.

Sofia Carson hasn’t taken this song lightly. In fact, she has put her heart and soul into it and taken it the next level. Written by Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, this song sees Julia changing her pace. She was previously more focused on pure pop as you could witness in her last hit single “Love Is The Name”.

“Ins And Outs” has dancehall beats that indicate that Sofia Carson has preferred a less-is-more approach. The song may take a few listens before you start appreciating it but once you are hooked on to it, you won’t find an escape. It’s that infectious. I hope Sofia continues exploring more and goes even deeper in this niche with her future ventures. She is still only 24 and has a long way ahead of her.

The chorus is powerful and Sofia manages to show her full range. Although Sofia is yet to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her music, she seems ready to make the jump now. I feel as if this is the song that will crack the charts. Her last music videos did great on YouTube, racking up over 100 million views. If this third song also gets that kind of acceptance on YouTube, I’m sure it will also propel her into the top charts this time. Listen to this new single below and see if you like it.

Listen to “Ins And Outs” by Sofia Carson



Post Author: David Watt