Single Review: “Indecente” by Anitta

Anitta has premiered a new song titled “Indecente”. In the song, she is a bad girl who doesn’t plan on being the good girl.

The Brazilian pop queen is ready to declare herself as a bad girl. This all-Spanish track sounds like a perfect commercial track and being a bad girl seems like working for Anitta.

This new song is a very sensual song that is an autobiography. In this song, Anitta announces herself to be a indecente – an obscene woman. Due to this problem, she is now unable to think what others think of her. Moreover, she doesn’t bother if others are totally against her and their opinions are tagging her as a bad girl.

Not only that, Anitta wants to have sex with her boyfriend in public. She knows that’s what her boyfriend wants and Anitta is ready to accept the offer. She doesn’t refuse it and actually wants to try this. She knows that other people would say a lot about her when she does that kind of stuff but she isn’t worry about it. She wants other women to follow her example and have an attitude like that. She wants other women to experience this kind of attitude and she knows that they will love it. They will enjoy the change that this attitude will introduce in them. Give this new song “Indecente” a listen below.

Listen to “Indecente” by Anitta

Post Author: David Watt