Single Review: “Go Now” by Adam Levine

Adam Levine, the frontman from Maroon 5, has released his solo single for comedy-drama film “Sing Street”. The single that Adam wrote and sang for the movie is titled “Go Now”. The film Sing Street is still in production so if you are looking to watch it in theater, you will have to wait till April 15th when the movie will be out in the U.S.

Adam Levine has only contributed one song to this movie. You can grab the entire soundtrack of the movie on iTunes. But if you are only interested in Adam’s “Go Now”, you can stream it below.

The movie “Sing Street” is about a 14-year old kid who meets a beautiful girl and invites him to act in his upcoming music video for his music band. Surprisingly, the music band doesn’t even exist. The guy has to build the band and get ready to shoot the video before the girl comes for shooting.

This song “Go Now” is a mid-tempo track that gently pushes us on a thought train, impregnating our mind with the idea that one should never look back when chasing dreams. Dreams can always come true if one pursues them with devotion. You have to do it now if you want to do it. If you don’t go now for it, you won’t ever achieve your dreams. That’s the message of this beautiful track. Listen to “Go Now” below.

Listen and Watch “Go Now” by Adam Levine

Post Author: David Watt