Single Review: “Do U Dirty” by Kehlani

Kehlani has released another song from the debut album. This new song is titled “Do U Dirty” and it’s going to be the newest countdown single to Kehlani’s first LP. Atlantic Records choose the perfect time to release this single as the most-awaited Kehlani album is just a few weeks away. It’s the right time to serve some more new music to the fans so that they could develop an expectation by the time the album comes out in the stores.

The new single “Do U Dirty” is a mid-tempo track with fierce intensity. It’s not your regular love song but it’s something more complicated than that because Kehlani is bisexual. If you fall in love with her, you are going to find yourself in trouble. That’s what Kehlani means in the lyrics “You think you love me now, I think you should be worried”. It’s a good track that deserves a lot of radio time for sure. With Atlantic Records doing the LP, chances are good that you will be listening to this track all over the radio during the next two weeks.

You can listen “Do U Dirty” below. The song is already available on iTunes. Be sure to check out Kehlani’s LP when it comes out in a few week’s time.

Listen to “Do U Dirty” by Kehlani

Post Author: David Watt