New Single Review: “Dance” by DNCE

DNCE has released a new single titled “Dance”. This new single doesn’t only mark the return of DNCE but it also gives us the hope that DNCE will be soon giving us their second album. As of now, there is no confirmed news about the second album but we can safely predict that it’s actually coming now.

This new single “Dance” is a festive track that has a party feel to it. It’s not electronic but still manages to give us that special party-readiness. It’s about love and falling in love. It’s also about wishing to dance while you are in love. It’s only natural that you want your body to move when you are in love as your heart rules over your body. Dancing with the person that you have fallen in love with is something incredible. It’s something that brings out the real joy of love. That’s what this song is all about. You gotta give it a listen to get the true feeling that this song is about.

Although it’s a good song – one that will do really well for the band, it’s still not their best song. With DNCE making a comeback, I felt like they should have released another, more powerful, and radio-friendly song. This one sounds more like a filler song. The only distinctive thing about this new single is its name that matches up with the band name. Apart from that, I don’t think you will find much to love this song. It’s just a cute song that you can listen without skipping once.

I hope this song will mark the beginning of a new era for DNCE. We also hope that the band will release it’s long-delayed album as well. Listen to “Dance” below.

Stream “Dance” by DNCE – New Single

Post Author: David Watt