Single Review: “Before I Do” by Sevyn Streeter – [Full Audio + Review]

Sevyn Streeter has released a new R&B single titled “Before I Do” and it’s simply jaw dropping. It’s that good that I’ve put it on replay and it’s been like that for half an hour now.

This stunning new ballad “Before I Do” came out on digital platforms a day ago. Ever since the release, thousands of copies have sold and everyone is absolutely loving it.

The song “Before I Do” makes use of guitar and develops into a powerful R&B ballad as Sevyn delivers the vocals. She sings about finding the truth before letting someone enter her personal space. She isn’t ready to allow an invasion into herself without first finding out the truth about the other person. That other person is probably having an affair with someone else – or at least that’s what Sevyn is trying to believe in this amazing new single.

You will find “Before I Do” in Sevyn’s debut studio album “Girl Interrupted”. Atlantic Records will launch the album in January 2017.

This sensual new single has a wonderful melody and the instruments play out perfectly. Sevyn’s voice falls over the composition as a wave of joy, finding its energy from the underlying music. Forget everything – listen to the song right below. It’s too good to miss.

Listen to “Before I Do” by Sevyn Streeter

Post Author: David Watt