Single Preview: “Down” by Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony has started teasing fans with their new single. It could possibly be titled “Down” and chances are that it would be released on this Friday. However, nothing is certain as the band hasn’t given a clear clue about what song they will be releasing this week. But still, things indicate that “Down” will be the song that they will release as their next single.

How do I know that the single that will come out this Friday is going to be ‘Down’? It’s on the Australia APRA AMCOS website where Fifth Harmony registered a new song recently. This new song is titled “Down”. Now isn’t that a major hint?

Since this is the first new single that Fifth Harmony has registered on a website such as ASCAP, it could be their lead single from the next album as well. Another reason why I think it will be a lead single is that the band previewed “Down” on social media recently. Why would they preview a song and share it all across the internet if they aren’t planning it to become the lead single?

Now the good news is that Fifth Harmony has decided to play with the fans a little before releasing the song. One of the band members posted a tweet that contained some coordinates. Many fans rushed to the location of these coordinates to see what their favorite band was up to. What they found there were blurred out lyrics of their new song “Down”. Below, you can see the lyrics.

“When push come to shove

You show me love

Long as you’re holding me down

I’m gonna keep loving you down”

Check Preview of new Fifth Harmony Song “Down”

Post Author: David Watt