Single: “Like I Would” by Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik loves surprises and he has proved it so far. Yesterday, he surprised everyone by releasing another single from his upcoming solo album “Mind of Mine”. The single was uploaded on VEVO and it’s titled “Like I Would”. It will be included as a bonus track when the deluxe edition of the album comes out.

This new single “Like I Would” has a lot of electro vibes but never gets away from the pop genre. It’s a perfect single to go out before the album comes as out as it gives fans another reason to buy his new album. The song is about Zayn telling his girlfriend that she won’t get the kind of pleasure and satisfaction she used to have with him. He tells her that no one knows about her body the way he does and so on. It might be a personal single for Zayn as some fans believe Zayn is actually talking about Perrie here. Until Zayn himself says something about it, we can’t be sure though.

The single can be purchased now on iTunes. The other way around is to pre-order Zayn’s upcoming album now and he will give you this single free. You can listen to the single free below.

Listen to “Like I Would” by Zayn Malik

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz