New Single: “Freedom” by Pitbull

Pitbull has released a new single single titled “Freedom” on iTunes. The single will be included in Pitbull’s upcoming tenth studio album. This new album is titled “Climate Change” and it will be released through RCA Records.

The cover art for this new single shows a man wearing a bow tie on a tuxedo. You will notice that one part of the bow is the American flag while the other half of the bow is Cuban flag. It looks as if the Cuban-American singer is playing his part in building friendship between the two countries. However, the song isn’t all about American-Cuban friendship but it’s about a lot more things. You’d definitely want to listen to it below.

Pitbull also talks about things that he has achieved in his career. Some of the things he talks about is having millions of fans on YouTube, getting a residency show in Las Vegas and owning a ship. But that’s not all that the rapper talks about but in the second half of the song he shifts his focus on ‘feeling free’ and ‘having fun’. While singing about all these great things, he also makes a remark about Cuba saying “Cuba, can’t wait to live free” – something all the Cubans are going to sing with Pitbull for sure. Listen to the song below.

Listen “Freedom” by Pitbull

Post Author: David Watt