Sam Smith

New Single: “Drowning Shadows” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith has premiered a new single via Zane Lowe’s Beats radio show. This new single is titled “Drowning Shadows”. Sam Smith is very emotional about this new single as he told the media that this was the saddest song that he had ever written. The track is also not as radio-friendly as Sam’s previous tracks but still it has received a lot of attention from fans.

“Drowning Shadows” will be included in Sam’s re-release of debut album “In The Lonely Hour”. This re-issued version will be titled “In The Lonely Hour – Drowning Shadows Edition”  and it will hit the stores during the first week of November. The track was intended to be included in the original release of “In The Lonely Hour” but Sam hadn’t finalized the arrangement so the track was skipped. Since now Sam is getting the chance to re-release the debut album, there was no way he would have missed including this track this time.

“Drowning Shadows” is an elegant production that suits Sam Smith. The ballad is backed up by piano and strings so it gets really into a deep sad mood. Sam Smith has told media that was really upset about the fact that the track wasn’t a part of the debut album the first time as he loved it. He seems so right when saying ‘I always loved it’ as “Drowning Shadows impersonates Sam’s style and sounds so good to the ears despite not being radio-friendly.

Listen to “Drowning Shadows” by Sam Smith 

Post Author: David Watt