New Single: “Army” by Ellie Goulding

“Army” is a new single by Ellie Goulding and it’s probably one of the best songs that you have heard from “Delirium” so far. The British singer has a surefire hit at her hands. I’m sure she will get plenty of hype and pre-sales for her upcoming album “Delirium”, thanks to this touching and heart-warming song.

The track is produced by Max Martin and it’s written by Ali Payami and Savan Kotecha. It’s pop track with mid-tempo and a unique nostalgic feel. Once you listen to this track, you’re definitely going to put it on ‘replay’ as you’d want to be there for long.

The British singer sings about unconditional support that she has been getting from people around her. She sings about how their support has helped her recover from the mess she created. People she cares about have always been there to help her and that’s why she is calling them her ‘Army’ in this track. The track has a great feel about it and everyone can find a connection. There is a positive message that will warm you up and you would definitely want to listen to this with your friends and everyone else who you care about.

Listen to “Army” by Ellie Goulding


Post Author: David Watt