Single: “Thunder” by Leona Lewis – Listen to it NOW

Leona Lewis is definitely staying strong despite her terrible experience with “Fire Under My Feet” in the UK where it could only manage #51 spot on charts. The new single “Thunder” could be found online now in full HQ version. You can listen to below the review.

“Thunder” is a mid-tempo yet powerful track. Leona Lewis talks about misery of a girl in the beginning and then growls about her strength and how she stood her ground and became ‘thunder’. The girl is now strong and want to teach her ex-boyfriend a lesson. If you like Leona Lewis, then this is probably one of her best songs you could hear these days. “Thunder” showcases once again that Leona is a talented singer. The chorus is extremely powerful and well done by LeLew.

“Thunder” is from Leona Lewis’ upcoming album titled “I Am”. This will be her fifth album and she will have to do good with sales numbers this time to stay with the label. For now, the label has announced release date for UK, which is September 11, but there is every chance that the album will be released in the US as well. One of the reasons is releasing “Thunder” to the US audience. Listen this new single below and see if Leona has what it takes to get a global hit these days.

Listen “Thunder” by Leona Lewis

Post Author: David Watt