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Music Video: “Your Song” by Rita Ora

Rita Ora has given us the official music video for her new single “Your Song”. The video came out on VEVO and it’s already getting a decent numberĀ of views. I’m sure Rita will impress her fans with the video as she did with this new single. It’s a cool music video that would uplift your mood.

The music video is infectious. When the video starts, you see Rita Ora sitting around a table with some office boys. The expressions you see as the video opens seem like telling a story. Later in the music video, you see her hooking up with one of those office guys. She roams around the city as the scenes change immediately and Rita sings “Your Song”. You will also see her driving a car. But don’t be inspired. You should not drive a car like that. She’s way too dangerous for a driver.

This new music video gives “Your Song” a necessary push. The song, written by Ed Sheeran, needs some promotional work. Maybe, the diva would consider appearing on TV and delivering a breathtaking performance. Maybe, she has some other marketing trick up her sleeves. This song deserves a lot of marketing. I want this sound to reach everywhere. It could be a game changer for the British Diva.

The song “Your Song” will be included in Rita Ora’s upcoming album. This will be her second studio album, which will hit stores sometime later this year. Rita or her label hasn’t announced the exact release date for the album yet. It’s time I leave you with the music video. Watch and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Watch Official Music Video for “Your Song” by Rita Ora

Post Author: David Watt