Music Video – “No Lie” by Sean Paul and Dua Lipa

Sean Paul has premiered a new music video titled “No Lie”. The video is available on VEVO so everyone can easily see it. The song “No Lie” is a collaboration with Dua Lipa. This song will become a part of Sean Paul’s upcoming seventh studio album. This album will be out in 2017 but the exact release date isn’t announced yet. Island Records will release and promote this album.

Listening to this song reminds of “Get Busy” for some reason. Not that “No Lie” has any similarities with it but it’s another song that defines Sean Paul as a hit singer. When he released his first hit, he was labeled as a one-hit-wonder singer but he has proved it wrong over and over again. Now it’s been 14 years and he hasn’t given up. He is still going strong, serving hit after hit.

Although Sean is now going to shift his focus on “No Lie” with this video release, he is already enjoying success with “Rockabye” where he is a featured artist. That single is a hit around the world and it tells us that Sean will eventually have his Top 40 hit in “No Lie”.

New single “No Lie” sounds like a sure-fire hit. It has all the right vibes and feels like Sean will pay a lot of attention to marketing this song. If he does that, the single has ‘hit’ written all over it, especially with Dua Lipa featuring in the chorus. He smoky vocals are a perfect compliment to Sean Paul’s vocals.

Although the music video for “No Lie” is somewhat low budget, the song is exceptionally good. Even in the video, there are things that will make you come back to it. For example, if you are a fan of Dua Lipa, you would love to see her again and again as she looks incredibly beautiful in this video. Watch “No Lie” below and see her for yourself. I’m sure you will be impressed.

Watch “No Lie” Music Video by Sean Paul and Dua Lipa

Post Author: David Watt