New Music Round Up (no. 7)

New music round up – no. 7

More new music for you to check out and get into today from NO CEREMONY///, Suzuki Method, Splashh, Wild Swim and Sam Thomas. If you have any cool new music suggestions, add them in the comments below for everyone to check out…

Mysterious Manchester trio NO CEREMONY/// built up a lot of attention last year with pulsating electro-pop songs like ‘HEARTBREAKER’, ‘FEELSOLOW’ and ‘HOLDONME’ – then they kind of disappeared. They’re back now though, looking to build some buzz for a debut album in the summer. The first taste of that album is ‘HURTLOVE’, a slow burning and elegant track that suggests their time away has been well spent.

Suzuki Method – ‘Country Cousins’
Staying in the Republic of Mancunia, Suzuki Method are a Salford five-piece who are gearing up for the release of their debut EP ‘Natives’ with the release of lead single ‘Country Cousins’ – out 12 May on A1(M) Records. It sounds promising too, bristling with contagious energy and exuberance. Naturally, lots of Manchester bands have already been mentioned as reference points, including New Order, Delphic, Doves and Hurts.

Splashh – ‘Sun Kissed Bliss’
Splashh are an Anglo-Antipodean band who fuse droney shoegaze and swirling psychedelia to the same great effect as Tame Impala and TOY. ‘Sun Kissed Bliss’ is a free download taken from their upcoming debut album Comfort (out 3 June on Luv Luv Luv Records), and it’s an intoxicating mix of chugging guitars and harmonic melodies. The lead single from ‘Comfort’ is called ‘All I Wanna Do’, which you can hear on Spotify (the Soundcloud link I’ve been sent is no longer working!). Here’s ‘Sun Kissed Bliss’:

Wild Swim – ‘Another Night’
I seem to be hearing quite a few new bands with strong baritone singers recently, and the effect is always the same – the vocals start off as a distraction but as you get accustomed to them they become mesmerising. Oxford band Wild Swim’s new single ‘Another Night’ (out 6 May on Believe Recordings) is no exception. It builds gradually around the powerful vocals into a beautifully composed and affecting track.

Sam Thomas – ‘I’m Gonna Be A Witch’
Speaking of baritones, multi-instrumentalist Sam Thomas is the son of an Opera singer, and he draws on the slow-building and epic music he was brought up on to influence his own work – which is slightly experimental but well worth a listen. ‘I’m Gonna Be A Witch’ is an instrumental track which explores ‘the fragility of childhood nostalgia’, and is reminiscent of Sigur Ros in the way it blossoms into a multi-layered epic. The video is pretty cool too, check it out:

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