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Music Review: “Wave” By Meghan Trainor & Mike Sabath

Meghan Trainor has released a new song titled “Wave.” She has joined forces with Mike Sabath for this new song. The hitmaker has developed a habit of giving us hits every now and then. She has already given us a few collaborations, some soundtracks, and even a few solo hits.

Meghan Trainor could’ve just dropped her best song of the year. The song is a love affair where Meghan desired to have what she can’t have. She is still hopeful, although she is already about to drown in her tears. She knows that love is a sinking boat but she has to face the hurricane of emotions instead of running away. She knows the hurricane is going to hit hard but she is ready to ride the wave. All she wants in return is for him to ‘tell me I am yours.”

It turns out to be a wonderful song that sounds more mature than anything you’ve heard from Meghan Trainor this year. Give it a listen and you will like what you hear.

Listen To “Wave” By Meghan Trainor Ft. Mike Sabath

Post Author: Harvey Dyer