Music: “I’ll Find You” by Lecrae featuring Tori Kelly

Here it is! Tori Kelly’s new song. This time, she lends a pop hand to Lecrae. Lecrae is a rapper who debuted his last album at #1 spot on Billboard Top 200. The album was titled “Anomaly”. I’m sure you have heard about it.

What’s really good about this new song from Lecrae is that he has enrolled Tori Kelly in this collab for the pop part. Tori Kelly has already impressed us with her remarkable vocals in her 2015 hit song “Unbreakable Smile”. Now with this song, she is definitely going to have more fans. But that also means she will need to release her second album soon, maybe by the end of this year as a lot of her fans would want to hear more of her. That’s how good she sounds in this new song. You definitely need to give it a listen.

A lot of you will fall in love with both Lecrae and Tori Kelly when you listen to this song. Lecrae is one of the few rappers who doesn’t rap about sex and money but has better topics. Tori is a rising pop star that has everything that you expect from a pop queen. “I’ll Find You”

“I’ll Find You” is also Lecrae’s first ever collaboration with a pop artist. That’s really news because it means Lecrae is now going for a larger audience group. With pop elements in his song, he will expect to get his songs on the radio across different formats. I’m sure this will help him a great deal with his new album. It’s time to listen to this new song now.

Listen to “I’ll Find You” by Lecrae featuring Tori Kelly

Post Author: David Watt