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Music: “Goodbye” by MO

June 25 was a special day for MO who debuted a new single on that day. The day was good for her in particular because she changed pace with this song and the crowd seemed to like it. In fact, it so well received by the crowd that MO had to thank audience to turning her performance into a ‘nerve-wracking’ affair. If you watch the performance video till the end, you will notice that it turned out to be an emotional affair.

MO isn’t a stranger as for as the pop music fans are concerned.  They know him already through his single “Lean On” that was on pop radios all over the US in 2015. It ended the year as a mega hit. With a new single this summer, I know MO wants to end this year on even a bigger note. But for that to happen, we will need to wait and see how MO converts this good song into a major commercial hit.

This new pop ballad from MO is about love and how one can risk everything to find the love of life. Listen to the single below and see how this ballad has all ingredients to become a top hit. Now it’s time to listen to “Goodbye” by MO.

Listen the new single “Goodbye” by MO

Post Author: David Watt