New Music: Embers stream new video ‘Part Of The Echoes’

Since debuting their Gorton Monastery video for ‘Hollow Cage’ last week, new Manchester band Embers have started to, ahem, catch fire.

The biggest surprise for most was how such accomplished purveyors of grandiose widescreen rock, which recalls Hope Of The States (when they were exciting) and Sigur Ros, amongst others, had so far managed to go unnoticed. Well, the cat’s out the bag now – and I wouldn’t be surprised if the unsigned Embers are currently batting away phonecalls from every label A+R man in the country.

To follow-up on the success of ‘Hollow Cage’, Embers have released another video from their Gorton Monastery session. Stream ‘Part Of The Echoes’ below and let me know what you think:

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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