New Music: “Do It Right” by Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone has recently released a new song titled “Do It Right”. Becky G’s ex-boyfriend has been planning to release his debut album for long and everyone was hoping that this would be the next single from his album but that’s not the case. Since the single isn’t available for free download and it isn’t released through VEVO, this is kind of confirmed that this single will not be part of his album. When Austin follows up his previous single “Dirty Work” for his debut album remains unknown.

The single “Do It Right” features Austin Mahone’s best friend Robert Billanueva who is now known by his pseudonym Rob Villa. The single was released on Austin’s personal YouTube page, which clearly says a lot about Texas-born singer’s relationship with his label. It is probably the right time for him and his label to sit together and come up with some kind of decision about his debut album. Even if the album doesn’t have to come out in near future through Austin’s current label, at least fans deserve to know.

“Do It Right” is an R&B track that shows signs of pop inspiration as well. The single has a nice mid-tempo beat throughout length of the track, which is nearly 4 minutes. The most inspirational thing about Austin’s new single is the way he sings chorus and verses with a different sound. It’s amazing that he has developed this new ability to change sounds, which is something that could eventually help him to make perfect sounding tracks. His friend Rob Villa comes in at the bridge and raps.

Listen to “Do It Right” by Austin Mahone

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz