Music Video: “Change” by Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth has released a new song and he has dedicated this new song to Parkland students who lost their lives in senseless gun violence. It’s a moving song that’s a must listen. You can listen to “Change” at the end of this post. If you are in a hurry, I encourage you to scroll to the bottom and play the stream. I don’t want you to miss this emotionally moving song even if you only have a minute to spare.

The song “Change” is from Charlie’s upcoming album. This new album will be Charlie Puth’s second studio album and it’s scheduled to hit the store shelves on May 11.

The new song “Change” features legendary James Taylor. Unlike other countdown singles these days, this one came out on the Sunday night when Charlie announced it to his fans after the Match for Our Lives even in Washington, D.C. Charlie made the announcement on Twitter and followed it up by releasing the song instantly on digital streaming platforms.

This guitar and piano driven ballad showcases a lot of emotion. James Taylor and Charlie did a great job with the vocals. The lyrics are about how things are these days, how the society is going nowhere. It’s about us – every one of us – as we fail to realize that we have a combined responsibility to keep the society peaceful. It’s important that we realize that we are all one. At the end, Charlie keeps our hopes alive for the world to become a better place as he sings “the day we know we’re all the same”. Give this new song by Charlie Puth a listen. It’s a brilliant emotional affair.

Listen to “Change” by Charlie Puth

Post Author: David Watt