Music: “Champagne Problems” by Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has released a new single titled “Champagne Problems” today. This new single is a funky/rock track and it marks the start of marketing campaign of Nick’s second solo album “Last Year Was Complicated”.

The album will be available globally via Island Records in June. But you can purchase this single right away without having to wait for June. The single is available on iTunes for individual purchase. You can also get this single free if you pre-order Nick’s upcoming album now.

In this new single “Champagne Problems”, the former Jonas Brothers member tells us about his strange relationship. Whenever Nick and the girl he’s in relationship with reach their breaking point and decide to go their own ways, they somehow find enough patience to have a few drinks together. They end up making love and the next thing they know is that they want to live together again. It looks as if the couple is facing some serious “Champagne Problems”. You can listen to the full single below.

Listen to “Champagne Problems” by Nick Jonas

Post Author: David Watt