New Music: “Flashlight” by Jessie J

“Flashlight” is the new single from Jessie J, the British singer who made it big with “Bang Bang”. This new single will be used as a soundtrack for “Pitch Perfect 2”. Although the track isn’t released in full yet, someone got the full copy and uploaded it online on April 20. This can possibly result now in an emergency release of the full track, possibly during this week on iTunes. Keep looking for it if you like the track preview and want it in full.

“Flashlight” is one of the best ballads that you’d hear from Jessie J. She has taken full liberty to showcase her powerful vocals which come out great. Anyone listening to this track will have only praise for Jessie’s pop ballad and her outstanding vocals. However, Jessie’s fans may feel somewhat disappointed as the ballad offers nothing new. You may already have heard dozen of similar-sounding pop ballads.

The track is about a person who is special for Jessie J and who has always been there to help her in difficult times. That special person has always shown support for whatever she does while guiding her like a ‘flashlight’. There is no way that Jessie could be lost in the dark again as the ‘flashlight’ is always going to be there and help her find her way through the darkness.

Listen to “Flashlight” by Jessie J

Post Author: David Watt