“Perfect Together” by Justin Bieber

The internet leaks are now a popular feature of music industry. The latest track to hit the internet is “Perfect Together” by Justin Bieber. This track surfaced online July 18 and sounds like something fresh from Justin Bieber due to mature vocals. It could be from his upcoming studio album but still this is not a confirmed news.

This 2-minute long song seems like an unfinished product. It doesn’t feel like the mastered version so don’t judge Justin Bieber’s upcoming album entirely based on this track. The track is all about Justin Bieber’s relationship with his girlfriend. He gives plenty of reasons why he and his girlfriend are meant to be together despite the fact that they have separated so many times. These dark episodes don’t weaken their relationship, as Justin Bieber explains in this new track. He also explains why he believes they are perfect for each other despite all these problems.

For now there is no explanation from JB as to what this track means to his real life but fans have already started speculating that the track is about JB and Selena Gomez. Recently, Selena announced that she would love to celebrate her birthday with JB and we think JB also has feelings for Selena, the reason he made this song. But we will only know this for sure once the track is officially released and JB explains meaning of the song and tells how it connects to his personal life.

Post Author: David Watt