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Are you a new band or artist looking to reach new music fans? Then create your own band profile on All-Noise today and start sharing your new tracks, EPs, videos and announcements to our wide and knowledgeable audience of music enthusiasts.

All bands and artists are welcome to join and create a profile on All-Noise, simply fill in the form below and we’ll create your own profile page with the information you provide. We’ll then be in touch with your very own log-in information so you can start posting your new tracks and videos, gig photos, band announcements and anything else onto All-Noise.

This is your chance to spread the word about your band and get your music heard, so fill the below form out and lets get started!

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A little housekeeping

We want to give all new bands and artists a chance to reach out and spread their musical message, so everyone is welcome to create a profile page with the above form and to then add their own posts to All-Noise. However, there is just one small rule we ask you to abide by:

All content you add to All-Noise must be unique – DO NOT copy and paste anything!
Any duplicated content that is added to our system will just be deleted by our editorial staff before it is published. Here’s a few tips to make sure it never comes to that:

The band/artist bio for your profile page MUST NOT be copied from elsewhere. This is your chance to introduce yourself to a new audience, so take the opportunity to grab our attention.

When you post new tracks or videos etc… make sure you write a few words about the song. Have fun and tell us something cool and interesting, and remember to add all relevant details like release dates etc…

Only embed codes of music and videos can be added to All-Noise, if you are unsure how to do this just add the link to your music within the post and our editorial staff will sort out the embedding for you.

If you add new tracks/EPs/videos etc… without any accompanying text, we will produce some standard copy to go with your post. This may not be the message you want to go with your music though, so make sure you add everything you want to be included in the post.

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